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In a concerted effort to promote private investment in broadband infrastructure, The City of Rushville and the Rush County Economic & Community Development Corporation completed all steps required to apply for the Broadband Ready Community certification. Application was made to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and its Broadband Ready Communities Development Center. The City of [Read More…]

KROGER invests $1.2 million; builds new Fuel Center in Rushville

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Kroger Central Division leaders celebrated the grand opening of a new fuel center adjacent to the company’s Rushville store at 202 South Main Street in Rushville Friday morning. The total economic investment in this fuel center is $1.2 million. Kroger’s project was led by Project Manager Reggie Henderson. This investment strengthens Kroger’s economic and workforce [Read More…]

ECDC Hosts Social Media Event: Blogging 101

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Does your organization have a website? What’s its purpose? Brand identification, public relations, and lead generation? If you want to improve your SEO (search engine optimization), which means increasing visibility, therefore, bringing more visitors to your site, great, fresh content is the key. Effective blogging can and will improve SEO, which leads to a higher [Read More…]